2015 Centennial Celebration at Lind Field Day Photo Gallery

Group photo
100th Anniversary Sign
View of Lind Station on Field Day.
View of Registration from the Registration tables.
Attendees registering for Lind Field Day.
Attendees during registration.
Bill Schillinger giving the morning announcements after registration.
Attendees in LDRS truck.
LDRS wheat truck transporting attendees to the field stops.
Attendees in Union Elevator truck.
Attendees being transported to a field stop in an Union Elevator truck.
Lind-Ritzville school district buses transporting attendees
Lind/Ritzville school district buses transporting attendees to the field stops.
Attendees being transported to different field stops.
Ron Mittelhammer speaking at his stop.
Dean Ron Mittelhammer addressing the crowd.
Ron Mittelhammer speaking at a podium.
Dean Ron Mittelhammer presenting CAHNRS highlights and the history of first 100 years at the Lind Dryland Research Station.
Bob Papendick speaking in a field.
Bob Papendick, retired USDA-ARS soil scientist, speaking at a field stop.
Bob Papendick speaking to the crowd.
Bob Papendick at his tour stop speaking about historic dryland wheat farming milestones.
Arron Carter speaking about winter wheat breeding.
Arron Carter speaking about winter wheat breeding at a field stop.
Crowd at Arron Carter's stop.
Arron Carter’s winter wheat breeding stop.
Kim Campbell speaking in a field of plots.
Kim Campbell talking about club wheat breeding.
Crowd listening to Kim Campbell.
Kim Campbell’s tour stop.
Mike Pumphrey in a field of plots.
Mike Pumphrey explaining spring wheat breeding.
Ryan Higginbotham at his tour stop.
Ryan Higginbotham discussing wheat varieties.
Farmers inspecting new winter wheat lines.
Rebecca McGee standing in winter pea plots.
Rebecca McGee speaking on winter peas.
Winter pea tour stop.
Stephen Guy standing in winter pea plots.
Stephen Guy talking about winter peas.
Bill Schillinger speaking in a winter triticale field.
Bill Schillinger in a winter triticale experiment.
Crowd listening to Bill Schillinger.
Bill Schillinger presenting winter triticale agronomy.
People being served lunch.
People being served lunch
People sitting at tables during lunch.
Hosted lunch under tents.
Rich Koenig serving as the MC for the noon program.
Bruce Sauer and Brian Fode receiving a Special Service Award from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) at the 2015 Lind Field Day.
Josh Knodel talking about the Lind Dryland Research Station Endowment.
Tim Paulitz giving an update on the blackleg outbreak in canola.
Crowd sitting at tables under the tent.
Crowd enjoying the hosted lunch.
Jim Harsh giving an update.
Jim Harsh giving an update on the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences.
Veronica Schoesler Clinton accepting an Appreciation Award from the Lind Station on behalf of her father, Senator Mark Schoesler.
Attendees sitting at tables listening to the noon program.
Attendees at the noon program.
Mike Miller speaking at the noon program.
Mike Miller updating the crowd on the Washington Grain Commission.
Larry Cochran speaking.
Larry Cochran informing everyone on the latest news from the Washington Association of Wheat Growers
Derek Sandison speaking.
Derek Sandison, the new Director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture.
Steve Schofstoll and the anniversary cake.
Enjoying the ice cream social.
Aaron Esser, Gladie Nagamitsu, and Samantha Crow presenting door prizes.