Amen Endowment

Otto and Doris Amen.

Otto and Doris Amen established an endowment in recognition of the benefits they, and other dryland producers, have received for research conducted by the Washington State University College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences at the Lind Dryland Research Station. By establishing the endowment, the Amen’s hope to advance agriculture for this and future generations in dryland areas.
Research projects are to clearly address at least one of the following research priorities for the low-precipitation dryland cropping region of the inland Pacific Northwest.

Amen Endowment Research Project Areas

  • Develop wheat varieties specifically adapted to the dryland area
  • Investigate cropping systems for profitable and sustainable production, including agronomy, economics, disease control, weed control, and plant pathology
  • Develop practices to conserve and protect soil from wind and water erosion
  • Evaluate alternative crops suitable for dryland areas
  • Other identified high priority research needs at the discretion of the growers and WSU faculty serving on the endowment committee